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I've pasted Dick's latest email verbatim so the audience may see what an ass he is and also so we can all laugh at his poor grammar. 

From: “Dick / Law Offices of Dick C. Baxter” dick@baxteresq.com
Sent: Monday, July 3, 2017 8:01 AM
To: EB1 Writing Staff
Cc: "Setareh" setareh@baxteresq.com
Subject: Dick to EB1 Writing Team - July a New Month

Hi Team,

Yes, losing Britney was an awful blow to the the entire firm and it has taken us a few weeks to find our bearings. However, in order for this firm to thrive we, individually have to be extremely mindful of our own productivity. The entire EB1 backend team made $24,260 in June. To put that in perspective Evie, made almost that amount by herself in June. Whatever the reasons for the EB1 backend team overall poor performance in June and I'm not laying blame here, I want to put it behind us and draw a line but moving forward I really have to consider whether we have the right people or systems in place to make the EB1 backend team successful. July will be your month to shine.

So here is what I need from each of you.

1. You need to deliver at least 12 arguments per month. That's just three per week. I don't mind if you spend Monday thru Thursday just working up evidence and then on Friday just writing as much as you can, as long as you can get to three by the end of each week, that's all that matters. 
Leisha - your quota will be pro-rated due to you working on the AOS Training Manual this week. 

2. I've discussed with Akhiljeet that your (Tanís and Leisha) goal should be to work up six arguments per week, and then draft at least three arguments per week so you've never stuck without arguments to write. 

3. Delmira Roble will be starting on July 10th. Delmira's role will be as a ghost writer. What that means is, that Akhiljeet will devote time every day working up evidence for cases that Delmira will write for her. Delmira, will also be available to provide writing support to Leisha and Tanís, if Akhiljeet cannot keep her busy all of the time.

Delmira will not be known to the clients at all, she will be a ghost. Here is the rationale. Writing arguments is far easier than working up the evidence. To work up evidence you have to deal with the clients, chase in the evidence, review the evidence, go back to the client for more and better evidence until you have everything you need. The writing part is certainly the fun part and the easiest part.

What I'm finding is that when I had experienced staff working evidence and experienced staff writing arguments, the client's got mad because the person they spoke to the most was the evidence (Discovery) specialist and if that person was inexperienced it simply frustrated the client. When the Discovery Specialist has the responsibility of Discovery and Writing the case (Trial), everything gets muddled and progresses very slowly indeed - too slow for the firm to thrive. 

I need Akhiljeet to use her brain power to work up evidence as outlined above and to ensure that Tanís and Leisha do the same. 

Minimum Productivity Requirements

Tanís - I need 12 completed arguments written by you by the end of July. 

Leisha - I need 12 completed arguments written by you by the end of July. (pro-rated)

Akhiljeet - I need you to feed Delmira at the very least 1 argument per day that she must complete every day. Ideally, I'll be expecting Delmira once, dialed in, to write one argument in the AM and one argument in the PM.

If anyone cannot manage 12 arguments per month, then I'm not going to be able to keep them in that position as to do so would be bad for the firm. I'll need to figure something out.

So do what ever you can and need to do hit the above minimum numbers. If you feel for any reason you cannot hit those numbers first talk to Akhiljeet, then Akhiljeet will talk to Setareh, and if neither of them can get you there then I'll talk to all of you.

The bottom line is that in order for this firm to thrive, there must be an absolute minimum level of productivity that must be delivered in order to justify that person in that position.

At present I'm working almost all of my waking hours in order to fill in here, and fill in there. I'm constantly exhausted and it's not from having fun. I cannot sustain this. So, in July, I'm going to be looking to see who can really deliver consistently what they need to.


1. I'm expecting Bully Sullivan to be releasing new features to the IPC  this week to help us work more efficiently. 
2. I'm interviewing two additional part-time programmers to work on the IPC to add more features to help both Intake and Backends. I hope to get one or two of them started July 10th also.

Failure is Not an Option 

The law firm has come a long way over the years. It's not been a straight line up, it's zig-zagged for sure, but the trend has always been up. Sure, people have come and gone, but still the firm has grown. Why? because I have an obligation to every employee who shows up to work and produces to make sure we're all provided for, we all have a very secure job, so we can have a life outside of the job. I cannot fail in this regard. However,  to do so the majority of the staff must be able to hit their numbers otherwise try as I might we will fail overall and I'm not going to let that happen.  
I'm sure by the end of this month, we'll all have a lot to celebrate because I have every confidence that July will be a great month for all of us.

Dick C. Baxter, LL.M., ESQ

Attorney at Law

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