EB1 Green Card Case Manager / Optional Overtime

Dick is feeling the heat of not having Britney around. The work is oozing out of the range of our capabilities within an eight-hour work day.

Dick's answer is overtime and he expects -- though he would be hard-pressed to admit this to himself -- his employees to work extra hours when he asks.

He asked Leisha and Akhiljeet both of whom rebuffed him. Akhiljeet has wedding-planning activities scheduled on the weekends and Leisha wants to spend time with her daughter.

When Leisha says no to Dick he says to her, "But Vanessa is on vacation!" Dick is suggesting that because Vanessa is off school for the summer Leisha no longer needs the weekends to spend time with her since the little girl is home the entire week. Never mind that Leisha is at work until 5 PM every day. However, Dick is only privy to his self-serving logic.

Later in the day Dick comes into the office and after he leaves Leisha wonders if I noticed that they didn't talk to each other. Evidently, Dick is upset with Leisha because she refused to work overtime that weekend.

Leisha explains to me, "Dick doesn't understand that I am a single mother. I have no one to help me. When I work on Saturday I don't have a spouse to leave Vanessa with. I need to hire a babysitter and I lose time with my daughter. Dick sacrificed his family as he built up his business but he could afford to because [his wife] Enid was at home taking care of his children. I can't do that."

The subject of Britney -- who Leisha visited at home a few days after she left -- comes up.

"I talked to Britney. She told me that she left because she wasn't going to give up her marriage for the firm. That's what Dick has done. Britney told me. Dick and Enid are still together but they're just going through the motions."

Dick attempted to manipulate Akhiljeet into working overtime as well.

According to her, after declining overtime, Dick said to her, "You know? Most attorneys work overtime," suggesting that -- for Dick's convenience -- Akhiljeet should do like "most attorneys."

Akhiljeet's response to this was, "Yes, most attorneys work overtime but they make much more money."

Dick responded, "Most attorneys are paid salaries and they're expected to work overtime."

Akhiljeet finished him off by answering, "I don't have a salary here. I don't even have benefits." 

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