May 30, 2017: Beginning of the End

Let me tell you about last week.

But then I have to tell you from the beginning.

1. Until recently, I had been thinking a lot about asking for a raise.

2. About a month ago, my Practice Manager beat me to the punch by asking for a raise on my behalf.

3. The Boss came back with a $1 raise to $16 per hour from $15 per hour.

4. About a week later I asked the Boss to have a word with me and I told him that his $1 raise was a slap in the face and I deserved more. We talked about it, like civil people, and after an hour he said, "Let's continue this talk next week." It was Friday afternoon.

5. The following week, instead of returning to the office like a man and picking up the conversation with me, he had his Practice Manager present me an "incentive program." If I wanted to make $17.50 per hour, I had to write 14 arguments per month.

6. Last week, with four working days in the month, I had thirteen arguments and was starting on my fourteenth.

7. To avoid ponying up the bonus I would easily earn, the Boss made up new Bullshit Rules, and had his Practice Manager present them to me.

8. I pointed out the obvious, the PM got defensive, and we yelled at each other.

9. The Boss got wind of it and admonished me--by e-mail.

10. In much more civil language, I told him he was full of it.

11. That same day, I returned to the PM and apologized if I had raised my voice, pointing out that this disagreement was between the Boss and me and too bad she had got caught in the middle of it.

12. The next day, a Friday, I told my co-workers about it and they supported me, advising me to claim  my bonus when we turned in time sheets.

13. Today

The Boss came in to the office--a rare occurrence--to meet with a client. I became tense. After what happened, I can't pretend to be cool with him anymore. He peeked into our office to introduce us to the client and I kept my focus on the clients, refusing to look at him.

Later, he came to say good-bye and my co-workers responded by I kept my back to him.

Later, I opened my inbox to find an email, from the Boss, arguing that a recent argument of mine was untenable. I pointed out why  it wasn't, including reminding him of a similar argument we had sent out a month before which had a weaker argument than the one in question.

I wonder what the Boss will respond?