Dear God, give me this job

 I am waiting on the results of an interview I had yesterday.

It was the third interview I experienced in chasing this job.

The open position is Quality Assurance Reviewer at a local market research firm.

I was interviewed over the phone by the department manager. The interview went relatively well. I prepared for it with diligence and determination.

Source: corecopywriting.co.uk

In the course of my preparation, I found the website www.theinterviewguys.com significantly helpful.  The "interview guys" taught me the art of tailoring your responses to the specific company you are applying to. They taught me that the job interview is about them, the potential employer, not about me, the job seeker. In each of my responses yesterday, I conveyed to them that I was a candidate with all the traits in their ideal employee: works well in a fast paced environment, pays attention to detail, and has the ability to accept constructive criticism well.

I smiled largely during the whole interview even though the interviewer couldn't see me. These things transmit themselves across the phone line, help keep an energetic tone in your voice, and keep you encouraged. I stood up during the interview and kept my computer open to the document where I had written all my responses.

Even though I'm in the final stage of the recruitment process and the interview went well, I don't "know" if I got the job or not. The current job market is tough, very tough. There are a lot of qualified people out there without jobs. Each job posting that comes up attracts applicants like a magnet iron shavings. Applicants need to be on their A game and this is exhausting.