Blake, New Hire

In the past month, Godzilla Tool has hired about one dozen new full-time employees. One of these has joined the third shift. His name is Blake. He is a young, pleasant Caucasian who loves to fish on his time off. His first professional dream was to become an firefighter and he was enrolled at Palomar College to complete the coursework. Then, he was arrested for a DUI and even though he was able to reduce it to a reckless driving citation, he still lost the privilege of ever becoming what he had wanted. Now he hopes to join a crane-operator union. An acquaintance of him has been operating cranes for a decade and he makes very good money for not having a college degree. According to Blake, this acquaintance has paid off his home mortgage and drives a good car.

As a result of overt racist abuses I´ve endured in my life, historic antagonism between gringos and Mexicans, and the role of whites in the oppression of people of color, I walk around with a healthy distrust of white people. This distrust, though, has vanished between Blake and I. He´s a very pleasant, wide-eyed, polite young man and I wish him well.

At work, he has come on to work as a loader, the position that I started at.

...In Tru-Tech land, the production manager has decided to make all of us three operators to complete a log of the work we do each shift. He is doing this because according to him, ¨work never gets done¨on the machine. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when we don´t complete the same number of parts he will expect of us per hour and shift.

His calculus involves dividing the time it takes for the Tru-Tech machine to grind one tool, dividing that by one hour and multiplying that by seven. Haha! Managers are so naive about what production is actually like on the floor. How is he going to account for all things like bathroom breaks, tool measurements, dressing of wheels, minor but time-consuming issues with the machine, taking time to help another co-worker, and all of the other non-measurable things that include a work shift?