Laith the Chaldean Lion

Laith is the Chaldean Iraqi tow truck driver who came to open my car after I locked myself out.

Laith means "lion." Chaldean Iraqis are Christian Catholics. Long ago, told me Laith, the City of Babylon, known today as Iraq, was populated entirely by Chaldeans. Then the Muslims invaded and failed to conquer the great city in their first attempt. The second time they allied themselves with Iranian Muslims and this time they succeeded. As a corollary, Chaldeans migrated to Northern Iraq and to other countries including the United States.


"Chicago." said Laith, "Michigan. San Diego. All Chaldeans...Babylonian Chaldeans were the richest people on Earth. After them it was the Jews."


Laith talked about how Operation Enduring Freedom affected the Iraqi economy.

"Before the war, the gallon per oil: $20! After the war: $60! Why? Why? Also. Before the war. One Dinar was equal to $3 USD. An Arab came to New York City. People kiss his ass. "Oh, gentleman! Come here. Go there. Today? One Dinar is equal to .001 USD. Why? Why?

To Laith, the U.S. government invaded Iraq for the oil. It had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein.

Laith reasoned, "Saddam Hussein was one guy!." Laith showed me his index finger signifying the lone numeral.

"Americans are smart! If they wanted to take out Saddam, they use sniper. Why invasion? They wait for Saddam to go to a market. Have a guy up on a roof top. Bullet to the head. Easy!"

The last three tow truck drivers who have assisted me were all Iraqis, like Laith the Lion.