Part 5 of "The Party:" The Open Bar

Installment 15 of Life as a Machinist in the Carbide Tool Industry at Godzilla Tool (fictional name) in San Diego, CA

We drank a lot. The final tab on Godzilla was well over $5000. Again, on the subject of unionizing my fellow workers, I thought about this party: the open bar, the unlimited free food, the luxury of the restaurant, the great time that everybody had. I thought about how, if we begin to unionize, management would surely take this party away. I wondered if the crew would be willing to risk this; this moment of happiness. My tragic conclusion was that probably not.


I myself had three margaritas and half a dozen shots of tequila. Four of these shots, I shared with Big Bird. Big Bird is a very tall former Marine. He smokes like a train and is fond of sharing the sweet snacks he brings. He earned his moniker because he really looks like Big Bird without the costume and the feathers, and because he only filled out one bubble on his last voting card. It was a vote against Mitt Romney. 

Big Bird is a recovering alcoholic but he broke his sobriety that night. Him and I had four shots of El Patron tequila together. It was great, and after the weekend, he was steady and sober again.


To end, remember the sycophant? At the end of the night, she was found topless in the bathroom puking her guts out. I'm sorry to leave you on that note. Then again, it was practically the last thing that happened that night.


Part 4 of "The Party:" The Girlfriends

Installment 14 of Life as a Machinist in the Carbide Tool Industry at Godzilla Tool (fictional name) in San Diego, CA

Everyone brought their girlfriends. The girls were variety. 

One, going out with Matthew the brazer, came dressed alternative/indy. She had short, tight black and white striped shorts with black stockings underneath. Then a blouse that fell off one shoulder to show her many arm and back tats. 

Brendan, the tall, muscular blond with blue eyes who likes to dye his hair green and has a tattoo of a flaming sun covering his entire back, has a girlfriend so cute that she reminds me of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. She has exactly the same pointy, celestial smeller. Brendan is Godzilla's latest grand acquisition. He's coming in as a manager because he can program a machine to make any tool in the book. 

During the night, I caught Magdalena and Sam who had cornered the girlfriend at a table and appeared to be asking her if she was marrying Brendan, or maybe just giving their advice on how to get him. I don't how I knew this. I just knew.

My favorite girlfriend was Joanna, Joel's girlfriend. Joel is the Original Gangster I featured in a previous blog post, "Life is Circular." I highly recommend it. 

The moment I saw Joel I decided give him a dig related to him being my former student. They say "once a teacher, always a teacher." He was sitting at an outdoor table, eating with Joanna. I approached him and asked him in jest, "Hey, would you like some extra credit?" Lol. 

Joanna cracked up. Her laughter seemed to me like a crystal vase falling from a counter-top and smashing to smithereens in a beautiful way. I fell in love with her instantly. They're very young. She's a color de la tierra chaparrita with silky skin, dimples, perfect teeth, straight brown hair, and gleaming brown eyes. I was happy that she liked me right away. She really got a kick out of all the teacher jokes I made on Joel.

At the end of the night, when I said good-bye to her, she stood up, opened her arms for a hug, and invited me to kiss her on the cheek. It was the warmest moment of the evening. I really like them, Joel and Joanna.